TR7502 DT Compact & Economical Desktop Automated Optical Inspection(AOI)


Equipped with a 1-CCD high resolution color camera, the TR7502 DT desktop automated optical inspection system offers TRI' trademark Dynamic Imaging technology for powerful pre/post reflow inspection in a compact economical solution. The system features a highly flexible coaxial RGB+W lighting system with low-angle lighting for better inspection of polarity and black components and is capable of inspecting 01005 fine pitch components in both lead-free and legacy PCB assemblies.

AOI Key Features

  • High speed desktop color AOI solution
  • Large format color camera ready for 01005 component inspection
  • Compact, economical design
  • Intelligent Rapid Programming Interface with Auto Library and Offline Editing
  • Height Repeatability
  • Calibration target (at 3s) <1% on TRI certification target
  • Solder GR&R (± 50% Tolerance) <<10% at 6s
  • Dynamic imaging technology provides vibration- free imaging of PCBs with high throughput. The inspection speed is less than 21 seconds for an M-size PCB (at 25 μm, excluding fiducial mark finding and loading time).


  • Programming is easily done by using the data from a CAD file directly. The only mandatory data fields are component name, package type, X-position, Y-position, and rotation angle
  • PCBs with special layouts also can be edited easily
  • TRI provides a standard Model Library for most of the main component types and they are presented graphically for ease of use. This can greatly reduce the time of inspection box creation and parameter setting
  • Accurate warp compensation and the multi-fiducial finding algorithm ensure the correct positioning of the inspection windows, which leads to accurate, repeatable defect detection