TR7007 SII Plus SPI (3D Solder Paste Inspection)


Offering inspection speeds of up to 200 cm2/sec, the TR7007 SII is the fastest solder paste inspection system in the industry. This highly accurate inline shadow-free solder paste inspection solution offers full 3D inspection at resolutions of 15 μm or 10 μm. Built on a high precision linear motor platform, the system’s hallmark features include closed loop function, enhanced 2D imaging, autowarp compensation and fringe pattern technology. Increase capacity without sacrificing additional space with an available dual-lane configuration.

SPI Key Features

  • World’s fastest inspection speed up to 200 cm2/sec@ 15 μm
  • Shadow free Fringe Pattern lighting technology
  • Optical resolution 10 μm or 15 μm
  • Linear motor X-Y table for vibration free accurate inspection
  • Highly accurate shadow-free SPI solution with class-leading inspection performance and easy programming brings maximum value to your production line.
  • Precision
  • Height Repeatability
  • Calibration target (at 3σ) < 1% on TRI certification target
  • Solder GR&R (± 50% Tolerance) « 10% at 6σ

SPI 7007 SII Features

Camera type
4 MP camera
Optical resolution
10 μm or 15 μm (factory setting)
LED lit fringe pattern
Inspection speed
Up to 90 cm2/sec @ 10 μm
Up to 200 cm2/sec @ 15 μm
Inspection performance
Height resolution
0.4 μm
Min solder paste pitch
100 μm

Shadow Free (Effective Solution for Shadows and Specular Reflection)

  • WBGR Mode
    (Save Fiducial Mark Scanning Time)