jCURE-2UV+ (UV Oven)

jCURE-2UV+ is a curing oven which utilizes ultra-violet (UV) for curing. Upgraded version with unique ventilation system and eco mode greatly optimizes the curing process.

Dimensions 1800(L) x 1100(W) x 1850(H) mm
Weight 450 kg
Control system PLC + PC interface (Windows 10 OS)
Cooling system Pulse width modulation (PWM)
Conveyor system
Conveyor type Chain conveyor
Conveyor height 900 ± 20 mm
Conveyor width 50 – 460 mm (Auto adjustment)
Conveyor clearance Above: 100 mm; bottom: 100 mm
Pin/Chain edge clearance 5 mm
Conveyor speed 500 – 3000 mm/min
Conveyor direction Left to right (Option: Right to left)
UV lamp system
Type of UV lamp Medium Pressure Mercury Arc
No. of UV lamp (Power) 2 (6 kW per lamp. 1 running, 1 standby)
UV lamp focal height 60 – 120 mm (Motorized adjustment)
UV lamp wavelength type UVA, UVB, UVC & UVV
UV lamp power supply 6 kW
UV light intensity
(At 100 mm distance)
119 W/cm (For 625 mm length UV lamp)
UV effective coverage area 200(X) x 400(Y) mm (For 625 mm length UV lamp)
Guaranteed UV life Min. 1,000 hours
Pallet return conveyor (Underneath)
  • For OMO concept
  • Reduce manpower
  • Reduce the number of pallets needed