2900L Universal Production Programming System

The 2900L with integrated Lever Socket Actuator and Universal Pressure Plate is designed for production device programming. With it's precision self-locking lever design, the operator can consistently actuate sockets while placing and removing devices. As with our automated system, precision socket actuation increase socket longevity. Plus, opening the socket fully and evenly every time minimize the potential for bent pins on progmmable device.

Improves Production Throughput

Minimizes Fatigue from Opening Sockets by Hard

Fully - Quality Machined Aluminium Alloy Hardware and Precision Bearings for Long Life in a Production Environment

Quick Package Changes and Adjustments - No Tools Required

With 9th Gen Universal Site Technology, The 1900 Delivers Measurable Cost Savings
High Speed Programming
  • High programming speed for MCUs, eMMC, NAND, NOR and Serial Flash
  • Up to 100MB Bytes/s for industry's fastest program/verify times
  • Download image files up to 25MB/s to all programming simultaneously
  • Download image files up to 25MB/s to all programming simultaneously
  • Up to 9 times faster than competing universal programmers
  • The Largest Memory Support in the industry - 256GB, Upgradable to 512 GB
  • Upgradable to 2900 volume production
True Universal Support
  • True universal support - One solution for all your programming requirements
  • With 240 pin drivers, the 1900 supports a wider range of devices on the same socket reducing your total investment
  • Ultra universal site and socket technology streamlines your first article and production programming
  • Compatible with existing 7th and 8th gen socket cards and algorithms so our customers can retain the values of their investment in assets
  • Vast library of currently supported sockets means faster time to market for your next project
Technology Designed to Deliver Value
  • As newer and faster devices are introduced onto the market vector Engine Co-Processor* technology adapts to the faster speeds, delivering more value with improved performance
  • BPWin - User - friendly interface includes all the software's features you need to run your production programming operation. Process control, IP protection, API for custom applications monitoring, traceability and External Serialization server all help you deliver a quality product
  • Economical and efficient receptacle - base socket cards design reduces your cost for replacement sockets