JTU RS - Eco Series Reflow

The oven is also developed to be easily accessed for maintenance, user friendly & Industry 4.0 compatible.

Air Ovens


Nitrogen Ovens

Upgrade maximum conveyor width to 610 mm
  • Standard maximum conveyor width: 460 mm
  • For larger PCBs
  • Machine external body width becomes 1,656 mm
Maximum conveyor width 300 mm x 2 lanes [For AR-D, AR-DN only]
  • Factory fitted option (Without extra charge)
  • Single buckle chain will be used
  • Distance between 1st and 4th rails becomes 730 mm
Dual lane conveyor at different speed control [For AR-D, AR-DN only]
  • Increase productivity
  • Simultaneous reflow for products with different requirements
Upgrade maximum set temperature to 400°C
  • Standard maximum set temperature: 300°C
  • For higher required temperature
Nitrogen/air system switching [For AR-N, AR-DN only]
  • Flexible to switch in between nitrogen and air production
  • Maintain the cleanliness of radiators and chamber
Center board support (CBS) system with automatic position adjustment
  • Minimize the chances of PCB drops
  • Support large PCBs
  • With automatic CBS chain position adjustment
  • Mesh belt will be removed
Blower fan speed monitoring
  • Blower motor in specific zone which is out of setting will be shown
  • Easy for troubleshooting
Oxygen analyzer [For AR-N, AR-DN only]
MES customization (i4.0)
  • Track & record the parameters of the production
  • Customise based on customer’s requirement
Advanced profiling robot ProBot (OEM by KIC)
  • 1 PCB 1 profile
  • Eliminate expensive periodic manual profiling
  • Reduce production downtime
  • A complete thermal profile management with full traceability 24/7
  • Trigger alarm if profile is out of spec
  • Able to switch program automatically