TR7600 SII

The TR7600 SIII series CT AXI is a new generation of TRI's hallmark inline PCBA inspection solutions. Designed for 100% inspection coverage at production line speed, the TR7600 SIII combines industry's fastest high resolution imaging speed with greatly improved image quality in the industry's most advanced automatic X-ray inspection.

  • Ultra-high Speed 3D CT X-Ray Inspection
  • Excellent Image Quality
  • True 3D Solder Joint Viewer
  • High Resolution for 01005in Chips
Imaging System
Camera Ultra-High Speed Line-Scan CCD Cameras (3 or 5 Units)
X-ray Source Microfocus tube 130 kV max (user adjustable)
Imaging Resolution 7 μm, 10 μm, 15 μm, 20 μm (user selectable)
Inspection Method 2D, 2.5D, 3D Slicing, Planar CT (Optional)
Motion Table & Control
X-Axis Control High-precision ballscrew + AC-servo controller
Y-Axis Control High-precision ballscrew + AC-servo controller
Z-Axis Control High-precision ballscrew + AC-servo controller
X-Y Axis Resolution N/A
Board Handling
Max PCB Size Standard: 520 x 520 mm
2 Stages: 900 x 520 mm
PCB Thickness 0.6-7 mm
Max PCB Weight 12 kg
Top Clearance @ 20 μm: 50 mm
@ 15 μm: 30 mm
@ 10 μm: 15 mm
@ 7 μm: 7 mm
Bottom Clearance 70 mm
Edge Clearance 3 mm or 5 mm
Conveyor Height 880 - 920 mm
Inspection Functions
Component Missing
Tantalum Polarity
Solder Insufficient/Excess Solder
Solder Ball
Lifted Lead
WxDxH 1470 x 2110 x 1975 mm

Note: not including signal tower, height: 510 mm
Weight 3850 kg
Power Requirement 200 - 240 VAC single phase, 50/60 Hz, 4 kVA