Automatic Flip Conveyor
Model: UL-460W

Dimensions: mm 600 (L) x 1,150 (W) x 1,348 (H)
Gross weight 230 Kg
PCB/ Pallet size: mm 50 x 50 ~ 460 x 460
PCB transfer height 900 ± 20mm
Conveyor Chain type
Conveyor clearance Above 100mm, under 100mm
Conveyor direction Left to Right (Right to Left Option)
Conveyor fixed rail Front fixed
Conveyor width adjustment Manual
PCB edge clearance 5mm
Control PLC + Touch screen
Voltage 220VAC single phase
Power consumption 300W
Compress Air Pressure 5kgf/cm², min 250L/ min
Standards Compliance SMEMA, CE
  • Underneath pallet return conveyor (OMO concept)