TR7007 SII Plus

With industry leading speeds of up to 200 cm2/sec, the TR7007 SII Plus is the perfect SPI solution for any production line. This highly accurate inline shadow-free solder paste inspection solution offers full 3D inspection at resolutions of 15 µm or 10 µm. Built on a high precision, reliable linear motor platform, the system's hallmark features include closed loop function, enhanced 2D imaging, auto-warp compensation and fringe pattern technology. TRI's quick and intuitive user interface makes programming simple and easy, bringing maximum value to your production.

  • Industry leading inspection speed up to 200 cm2/sec @ 15 µm
  • Shadow free Fringe Pattern lighting technology
  • Optical resolution 10 µm or 15 µm
  • Linear motor design for stable and accurate inspection
  • Advanced SPC functions for production quality monitoring and evaluation
Optical System
Imaging Method Dynamic Imaging
Camera 4 Mpix
Imaging Resolution 10 µm or 15 µm (factory setting)
Lighting RGB LED
3D Technology 2-way Fringe Pattern
Field of View 4 Mpix@ 10 µm: 20 x 20 mm
4 Mpix@ 15 µm: 30 x 30 mm
Inspection Performance
Imaging Speed 4 Mpix@ 10 µm: 90 cm²/sec
4 Mpix@ 15 µm: 200 cm²/sec
Height Resolution 0.4 µm
Max. Solder Height @ 10 µm: 600 µm
@ 15 µm: 550 µm
Motion Table & Control
X-Axis Control Linear Motor and linear scale with DSP-based controller
Y-Axis Control Ballscrew + AC-servo controller
Z-Axis Control Ballscrew + AC-servo controller
X-Y Axis Resolution 0.5 µm
Z-Axis Resolution 1 µm
Board Handling
Max PCB Size TR7007 SII Plus: 510 x 460 mm
TR7007L SII Plus: 660 x 610 mm
TR7007 SII Plus DL: 510 x 310 mm x 2 lanes, 510 x 590 mm x 1 lane
PCB Thickness 0.6-5 mm
Max PCB Weight 3 kg
Top Clearance 25 mm
Bottom Clearance 40 mm
Edge Clearance 3 mm
Conveyor Height 880 – 920 mm

* SMEMA Compatible
Inspection Functions
Defects Insufficient Paste
Excessive Paste
Shape Deformity
Missing Paste & Bridging
Measurement Height
WxDxH TR7007 SII Plus: 1100 x 1570 x 1550
TR7007L SII Plus: 1300 x 1610 x 1560 mm
TR7007 SII Plus DL: 1100 x 1770 x 1560 mm

Note: not including signal tower, signal tower height 520 mm
Weight TR7007 SII Plus: 950 kg
TR7007L SII Plus: 1250 kg
TR7007 SII Plus DL: 1100 kg