TR7700Q - 3D AOI

The TR7700Q 3D AOI combines the latest of 2D and 3D technologies based on digital quad fringe pattern projection to revolutionize PCB assembly inspection. The versatile programmable 3D digital fringe pattern technology covers a huge inspection range with great accuracy, revealing even the smallest coplanarity defects and solder joint issues.Ensure the quality of solder joints using IPC-compliant 3D solder filet inspection. By checking the filet shape, the TR7700QI 3D AOI can detect insufficient solder volume, non-wetting and dry pads.

  • Ultra-high Precision 2D+3D Stop-and-Go AOI
  • Solder Height and Volume Inspection
  • Accurate Quad 3D Digital Fringe Projection
  • Adaptive 3D height Range up to 30 mm
  • Air-free Intelligent Conveyor System (IACS)
Optical System
Imaging Method Stop-and-Go Imaging
Top Camera 4 Mpix or 12 Mpix (factory setting)
Angle Camera N/A
Imaging Resolution 5.5 µm, 10 µm, 15 µm (factory setting)
Lighting Multi-phase True Color LED
3D Technology Quad Digital Fringe Projectors
Max. 3D Range 4 Mpix@ 15 µm: 0-30 mm*
12 Mpix@ 5.5 µm: 0-4 mm
12 Mpix@ 10 µm: 0-30 mm*

*Need GPU card upgrade
Inspection Performance
Imaging Speed 4 Mpix@ 15 µm: 21 cm²/sec
12 Mpix@ 5.5 µm: 4.3 cm²/sec (2D only: 12.2 cm²/sec)
12 Mpix@ 10 µm: 14.5 cm²/sec
12 Mpix@ 10 µm: 23 cm²/sec with optional CoaXPress

Note: Depending on component distribution
Motion Table & Control
X-Axis Control Ballscrew + AC-servo controller
Y-Axis Control Ballscrew + AC-servo controller
Z-Axis Control Ballscrew + AC-servo controller
X-Y Axis Resolution 1 μm
Board Handling
Max PCB Size TR7700Q @ 5.5 µm: 330 x 330 mm*
TR7700Q @ 10 µm, 15 µm: 510 x 460 mm
TR7700Q DL @ 10 µm, 15 µm: 510 x 310 mm x 2 lanes, 510 x 590 mm x 1 lane

*Depending on component distribution, the vailable PCB size could be different
PCB Thickness 0.6-5 mm
Max PCB Weight 3 kg
Top Clearance 5.5 µm: 25 mm
10 µm: 50 mm
15 µm: 40 mm
Bottom Clearance 40 mm [100 mm optional]
Edge Clearance 3 mm [5 mm optional]
Conveyor Inline
Height: 880 – 920 mm

* SMEMA Compatible
Inspection Functions
Component Missing
Wrong Marking (OCV)
Upside Down
Extra Component
Foreign Material
Lifted Component
Solder Solder Fillet Height
Solder Volume %
Excess Solder
Insufficient Solder
Through-hole Pins
Lifted Lead
Golden Finger
WxDxH TR7700Q: 1000 x 1400 x 1650 mm
TR7700Q DL: 1000 x 15000 x 1650 mm

Note: not including signal tower, signal tower height 520 mm
Weight TR7700Q: 650 kg
TR7700Q DL: 685 kg